Garden Gate Nursery,
A Wholesale Container Tree Nursery.

Growing high-quality shade and ornamental trees for landscapers, retail centers and cities throughout the United States.

Growing trees for landscapers and retail centers. Our focus at Garden Gate Nursery has been to provide our customers with high-quality shade and ornamental wholesale trees.

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Oak tree leaves at Garden Gate Nursery

Shade Trees for the Pacific Northwest and beyond. We grow over fifty different varieties of shade trees.

We grow many different varieties of shade trees, from Acer to Zelkova, we probably have what you need.

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Globosa Spruce trees on a standard at Garden Gate Nurser

Ornamental Varieties and Conifers. We have the conifer and ornamental trees to fit your landscaping needs.

While we grow some ornamental varieties at a lower quantity, we have more than fifty available ornamental tree varieties ready to plant in your landscape location.

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