Shade and Ornamental trees for the Pacific Northwest.

We grow a large selection of shade, ornamental and conifer trees. Most of our trees are grown in container with a bark mix for soil. This makes them lighter than traditional B&B trees and easier to move throughout the year.

Ornamental Trees. We grow a large variety of Ornamental trees.

We have so many different varieties of ornamental trees, we can't list them all here. See more by clicking below.

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Shade Trees. From Acer to Zelkova.

The majority of the trees we grow are shade trees. We carry many different kinds of Maple's and other popular shade varieties. Garden Gate has become known for our high-quality container trees and pruning.

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Conifer Trees. At our location in the Willamette Valley, Oregon.

In 2013, we started a small nursery location in the Willamette Valley where we now grow most of our conifer trees. The climate near the coast makes that area especially favorable to grow conifer trees.

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Street Trees. Every tree you will need for your street landscaping projects.

We grow many different varieties of trees that work well for street settings. View some of our selection in our catalog by clicking the button below.

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