From Alfalfa Hay to Tree Nursery.

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Garden Gate Nursery
Garden Gate Nursery Garden Gate Nursery Garden Gate Nursery

From farming hay to farming trees. Our story starts with Everett and Sandra.

Everett and Sandra with children and grandchildren at Garden Gate Nursery

Meet Everett and Sandra. From late nights, baling alfalfa hay to delivering trees to customers throughout the Northwest. They started the nursery with a dream to fill a need.

Rows of trees at Garden Gate Nursery

Garden Gate Nursery began by filling a need. The need was supplying the blossoming development throughout the local cities of Pasco, Kennewick, & Richland, Washington with high-quality trees.

Rows of trees at Garden Gate Nursery

We soon realized other landscapers needed plants as well. We have now partnered with many landscapers and other nurseries to provide the highest quality trees and plants for new landscape projects throughout the Pacific Northwest and beyond.

A little more about us.

Our aim is to provide you with the highest quality plant we are able. We are constantly seeing new ways to update our production as well as grow trees that will become a part of future generations. Our trees are a result of many hours of pruning, fertilizing, watering and transplanting by the skillful hands of our team members.

On average, from the time a tree is started as a cutting to the time it gets to our customer, the tree has been alive for 5 years. It has gone through multiple periods of movement, been on 2 to 3 nurseries in two states and has been transplanted multiple times. The tree has experienced extensive care, from staking to disease management, and is guaranteed to leave our doors in pristine condition.

Our goal is that every tree that comes from our farm is in perfect health so that the end user will  never have to worry about its survival. When customers properly care for their plants, our plants have a near 100% survival rate.

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