A Burst of Sunshine with the Dakota Pinnacle Birch

Jeana Cadby
June 20, 2019

Slender, upright growth habit, sturdy cold tolerance, and marvelous yellow fall colors are just a few reasons to add a burst of sunshine with the Dakota Pinnacle Birch. Graceful, curling bark, revealed in a delicate cream color adds a stunning interest feature.

Above the Crowd

Like strokes of a steady paintbrush, the smooth long lines of the Dakota Pinnacle Birch add a calming allure to an open landscape. Even in a crowd, this stunning birch can be identified by the notable characteristics of an exceptional vertical accent tree. The Dakota Pinnacle develops in a columnar spire shape, maximizing at 40 feet tall and 15-foot spread at the base, to form a tapered pyramid. With a graceful silhouette and sunny disposition, it is a welcome presence.

This medium to small sized birch tree grows quickly, and also mixes well into mature landscapes. When planted alongside other trees, an eloquent form folds neatly into smaller gaps in the landscape. Like something seen on a painter's canvas, slender growth habit with a strong central leader creates a flowing form that mixes well with evergreens, or as a beautiful accent tree.

Picture of a row of Pinnacle Birch trees at Garden Gate.
Dakota Pinnacle Birch Trees at Garden Gate, May 2019.

Mix in Some Sunshine

Dense, dark green leaf production harkens the coming of spring. The Dakota Pinnacle Birch leafs out early, prominently contrasted against creamy, white bark. Tiny flowers in the spring develop into adorable, drooping cones that release winged seeds in the summer. Deep green leaves softly flutter in the breeze through the summer months, before transitioning to a smooth, sunny yellow color in the fall.

Ovate, tapered, glabrous leaves emit a sunny radiance of golden yellow in the fall, holding on until late in the season. Such distinguished foliage is highlighted with an attractive bark, which adds texture and interest. In early growth, grey-white bark will transition to gray-orange, before maturing to an orange-white or cream color, with unassertive exfoliation.

Cold Weather Friendly

This hardy birch does very well in cooler conditions (-40, -30° F), absolutely thriving in zone 3 climates. Resistance to most pests, including deer, and drought tolerance is accompanied by minimal maintenance requirements. This tree may be shorter lived in hot, humid, or salty environments, and is better suited brightening up a landscape than functioning as a street tree. Enjoy the attractive form of the Dakota Pinnacle, like a graceful ray of sunshine late into the season, to stay warm as the nights get cooler.

When used as a windbreak, appreciate tolerance to soil and environmental conditions, such as a resistance to strong winds. Especially when grown as a border tree, adding mulch around the root area can protect the root zone during the dry months in low water conditions. If pruning does become necessary to maintain a cultivated shape, sap may bleed during growth periods, so easy pruning while dormant is appropriate. The Dakota Pinnacle Birch is a burst of sunshine that is sure to delight for years to come.


The Dakota Pinnacle Birch Tree (Betula platyphylla 'Fargo') will add a burst of sunshine as an elegant accent tree or to liven up a bursting landscape. This cool-climate birch will add some excitement to any painters palette in the fall, mixed with evergreens or as a stand alone specimen. What better way to add a splash of color but with this little burst of sunshine?

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