Appreciating the Wonderful Diversity of Maple Trees

Jeana Cadby
August 23, 2019

Maple Trees are wonderfully diverse, well recognized for breathtaking foliage and wide range in color, shape, size, and growth habit. We are excited to introduce a series of blogs that we will be writing over the next several months to highlight these amazing trees. This series will focus on superior varieties of maple trees, highlighting the features that make them so wonderful.

Landscapers love maple trees for their beauty, durability, and diversity. Most maples are deciduous, adding a blaze of fall color in autumn landscapes and a flush of fresh green glow in the spring. Finding the perfect maple for any sized project is easy, with a wealth of interesting characteristics and growth habits to choose from.

Diverse and Divine

Maples make for excellent shade and street trees, quick growing and easily shaped with minimal pruning. Take a break under the cooling shade of an Autumn Blaze Maple, which requires very little maintenance and is resistant to drought and cold weather. This fast growing maple reaches up to 50 feet tall and 40 foot spread, with uniform shape.

2 inch Autumn Blaze Maples at Garden Gate Nursery.
2 inch Autumn Blaze Maples at Garden Gate Nursery.

Maple trees also make wonderful specimen trees, lighting up the landscape, with easy transplant-ability and durability. Maples used as specimen trees offer breathtaking fall color, unique growth habit, and interesting leaf shape. Anticipate the eye-catching blaze of red from the Flashfire Maple Tree, which grows in a flaring broad oval shape, and has strong mildew resistance. This maple is adapted to tolerate warmer climates and offers early fall color.

Falling for Fall Color

Experiencing the diversity of fall colors is a delightful experience. Look forward to autumn maple color display, year after year. The stunning deep red fall color of the Urban Sunset Maple, moderate in size but not in spirit, will certainly catch the eye. Temperatures up to -30° to -20° F are a breeze for this classified Zone 4 maple tree.

Pacific Sunset Maple Trees at Garden Gate Nursery.
Pacific Sunset Maple Trees at Garden Gate Nursery.

Consider adding a flash of orange in any climate with the Pacific Sunset Maple Tree. This warm temperature tolerant maple sports attractive dark green foliage in the spring, but does not disappoint with fall color. This well-adapted, medium-sized tree brings a burst of sunshine orange, come autumn.

Less flashy maple colors are also a treat. The handsome Conquest Norway Maple promises unique year-round color interest. Beautiful, red-purple foliage gleams in the spring sun, followed by bronze-orange fall color. Narrow oval shape adds maturity to the landscape, as an excellent street tree.

Landscapers Dream

Maple trees come in many shapes, colors and sizes. These highly valued landscaping tree can be used as wonderful shade trees, hardy street trees, or dazzling specimen trees. Attractive foliage, quick growth, and easy maintenance make it an easy choice to include in the landscape. With many options to choose from, maples are often disease resistant, adapted to thrive in different soil conditions, and tolerate of a range of climatic environments.

Over the next few months, we will be highlighting the vast range of unique, interesting, and reliable maples. We are especially excited to talk about some of our favorite varieties at Garden Gate, available now as 2” trees. Be sure to stay tuned!

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