Dazzling Blooms with the Showtime Crabapple

Jeana Cadby
June 11, 2019

The Showtime Crabapple is here to dazzle with bright, beautiful fuchsia blooms and colorful foliage. Leaves and flowers steal the show, bolstering accolades with low maintenance needs and excellent cold hardy-ness.

Stealing the Show

The pint-sized and colorful Showtime Crabapple is ready to dazzle in the spotlight. Upright growth reaches for the stars with a spreading oval form, maturing at the perfect 15 feet height and 15-foot spread. This wonderful accent tree makes an impression with a flurry of color, and decadent flair.

The impressively vivid flowers of this crabapple are exceptionally captivating against a dark backdrop of leaves. Appreciate and admire vigorous growth and year-round interest when planted as an accent tree, or liven up a monochrome landscape in the spring with a jazzy pop of pink.  

A Spring Show

This true conversation starter has high ornamental value and is easy to adore.  A well-structured head supports large, bright fuchsia flowers, which are very showy in the spring. Fragrant pink tutus seem to twirl with delight beneath the warm glow of spring sunshine. The Showtime Crabapple doesn't hold back, and proves to be a heavy bloomer, much to the delight of audiences.

Showtime Crabapple Blossoms in Spring.

Even after the dazzling spring display, this crabapple is still the talk of the town, working its magic as a wonderful accent piece. Be sure to pay attention to the leaves as they transition throughout the year, tap dancing from bronze-green to yellow-orange with seasonal change. Small in stature but not in personality, plant the Showtime as a showy, bubbly conversation piece.

Bustle of Activity

As flowers exit the stage and leaves begin to drop, persistent fruits hold on through the winter period, harkening daydreams of winter holidays and joyful reunion. This melodramatic transition is in contrast to the more flamboyant spring flair, but the theatrics do not disappoint.  A gorgeous red, fruitful bounty overlays delicately on dark green leaves.

Any time of year, expect the Showtime to be bustling with activity. Large flowers invite bees and butterflies, while autumn fruits entice the birds. Abundant, tiny red fruits in the autumn and profuse early spring flowers attract wildlife, yet another source of entertainment for eager spectators. Birds and butterflies flock to enjoy seasonal treats, with choreographed, flighty movements across the stage.

Showtime Crabapple Trees at Garden Gate in Boring Oregon.

Cool Under Pressure

Dark green to wine tinted foliage looks right at home under the spotlight with full sun conditions. While this small tree does experience low salt tolerance, the wonderfully winter hardy crabapple is disease resistant, and has low pruning requirements. Watch the Showtime Crabapple effortlessly charm and dazzle in colder, zone 3 climates (-40, -30°F).

Moderate to vigorous growth is easy to maintain, and the Showtime is sure to shine in well-drained soil conditions. Adaptability to environmental conditions allows this crabapple to take to the stage in almost any location. Plant the Showtime Crabapple for its showy spring floral flurry or as winter pop of color and action.


Compact size and dazzling, large, pink flowers are the main act in this wonderfully breathtaking crabapple tree. The Showtime Crabapple (Malus 'Shotizam') strikes a pose in the spotlight, bringing fresh spring color, and entertaining winter action that will surely provide something to talk about. A good accent tree with so much character can be hard to find, and other tree could have more personality?

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