Experience Joyous Evergreen Lush with the Oregon Green Austrian Pine

Jeana Cadby
May 28, 2019

Gorgeous color, perennial growth, low maintenance requirements, and consistent, natural expression are only a few reasons to grow the Oregon Green.

Densely spaced, dark, jade-green needles huddle along branches to form lush, stiff and unruffled growth. The Oregon Green Austrian Pine (Pinus nigra 'Oregon Green') is an

evergreen tree that maintains a fresh look year-round, with a burst of hot white growth in the spring.


The Oregon Green is fairly compact, reaching a maximum height of about 15 feet and spread of 20 feet, at maturity. Slow growth and low maintenance requirements permit more time to enjoy the glossy, deep green foliage. Trees are multi-stemmed, forming a pyramid shape when left to grow naturally. Tolerance to urban conditions and year-round color makes the Oregon Green Austrian Pine a good fit for use as a street tree as well as landscaping.

Asymmetrical branching patterns give each tree a unique flair. Whether planted as a standalone specimen tree or a cultivated hedge, expect bushy, dense growth, with low maintenance requirements. If pruning becomes necessary, trim only current season flush, and old season dieback. Bushy, vigorous growth holds on tight through the winter months, maintaining a bit of natural expression on grey winter mornings. Deep green needles easily compliment lighter shaded leaves in the summer and autumn time as well.

Oregon Green Austrian Pine Trees at Garden Gate Nursery in Boring, OR.

An Attractive Choice

The adaptability and versatility of the Oregon Green Austrian Pine makes it an attractive choice, especially when compared to other evergreens. After planting, appreciate the tenacity to thrive in a variety of soil types, including costal or drought conditions, paired with tolerance to urban pollution. Consistent shape and gorgeous color mixes and matches well in a diverse landscape setting.

Drought tolerance is adequate for use in a low-moisture xeriscape landscape, or hot, sunny conditions. On the other extreme, cold tolerance for conditions below -30 to -20 Fahrenheit is a result of the cold-hardy and adaptable nature of the Oregon Green. Take advantage of this versatility as wonderful opportunity to maintain a consistent aesthetic on larger properties, or along an extended roadway.

Spring Bravura

Clusters of white-hot flushes of new growth add a delightful flair in the spring. Stalks appear at the tips of bushy green branches, shooting upright towards the stars. These striking, white candlesticks appear in the springtime and accent the beautiful, dark, jade-green undertones.

Branches that contribute to an overall pyramidal shape, are stiff and spreading, but maintain upright growth, tipped with bushy, bottlebrush tufts of needles. Flowers and cones are not particularly showy, and do not contribute greatly to the overall aesthetic of this tree. Glossy, rigid needles are slightly twisted, and remain on the tree throughout the winter months. This unique, open form creates a striking specimen.


Lush, evergreen foliage with a solid, upright, pyramidal shape make the sturdy Oregon Green an excellent choice as a slow-growing, low-maintenance tree. A springtime flush of hot white candlesticks easily compliment bottlebrushes of stiff, gorgeous, jade-green needles. Versatility, adaptability, and compact size are a few of the wonderful features that help to complete a diverse landscape or roadside with the Oregon Green Austrian Pine (Pinus nigra 'Oregon Green'). Why not plant a beautifully elegant tree with so many advantages?

Find the Oregon Green Austrian Pine tree in our catalog here.

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