Five Maple Trees We Love and Won't Disappoint.

Jeana Cadby
November 27, 2018

Maples adorn the autumn season with a spectacular radiance and color display. As the temperature begins to drop, lovely foliage color changes act as a reliable indicator that the holiday season is around the corner.

Here are five maple trees that we love:

Urban Sunset Maple Tree

Urban Sunset Maple tree in Autumn.
Urban Sunset Maple Tree in Autumn at Garden Gate.

The Urban Sunset Maple Tree is easy to grow, and yields absolutely beautiful fall foliage.  This compact maple tree with upright growth is moderately sized, maturing at a height of 35 ft with a spread of 20 ft.

Throughout the summer months, the urban sunset maple is heat and drought tolerant, and can maintain perky green growth during the dry season. Dark green summer foliage then turns to a deep burgundy red color in the fall. Consistent and fast growth can be easily pruned, if necessary, when young.  

Wet conditions are tolerated as well as a variety of soil types.Get a head start with a healthy young tree, as they are easy to transplant, and display hardiness to cold temperatures.

Overall minimal pruning requirements and general ease of culture are some of the top praises for the Urban Sunset maple. After flowering, this tree produces few seeds, and its narrow growth and disease resistance is excellent for urban settings.

Redpointe Maple Tree

Redpointe Maple Leaves
Redpointe Maple Leaves at Garden Gate.

The Redpointe Maple Tree is a crowd favorite, with high adaptability, hardy-ness and of course, brilliant fall colors. The classic teardrop shape is the perfect medium sized shade tree that is sure to turn heads.

A straight and dominant central leader is a consistent trait that allows such astonishingly angular and pyramidal growth. This reliable shape is what makes it easy to manage, with low pruning requirements and fast growth.

Disease tolerance throughout a variety of conditions makes urban integration a cinch. In high pH soils, resistance to leaf chlorosis allows the trees to maintain healthy green leaves despite the summer heat. This tree stands at a mature height of 45 ft and spread of 30 ft.

The elegant Redpointe maple is a fabulous, heat resistant, highly adaptable, well-structured maple tree with consistent dark green foliage in the summer, and beautiful red change in the fall. Read more about what we love about the Redpointe Maple here.

Crimson Sunset Maple Tree

The Crimson Sunset Maple Tree is a colored foliage maple, featuring deep purple leaves in the summer, which turn into a lovely shade of maroon-bronze in the fall. The compact, oval head is great for urban and open landscapes, and the tree matures to a height of 35 ft and spread of 25 ft.

Flourishing purple foliage throughout the summer gives the crimson sunset maple a unique flair when compared among other common maples. While the Crimson Sunset Maple grows best in slightly acidic soils, adequate tolerance for a variety of soil types allow for easy transplant-ability.

Especially tolerant to heat, leaf tatter and scorch damage, this tree maintains an upright, rounded crown, with compact structure. Late summer mildew resistance is especially nice throughout hot and humid conditions. 

Pacific Sunset Maple Tree

Pacific Sunset Maple Leaves
Pacific Sunset Maple Leaves in Spring.

The Pacific Sunset Maple is hardy and adaptable, with attractive glossy, dark leaves in the summer and early orange foliage in the fall. This hybrid maple tree is wonderfully compact, maturing to a height of 30 ft and spread of 25 ft.

Fast growth, large leaves, and fine branch structure make this maple tree a versatile addition as a focal piece orlow-maintenance street tree. A mix of yellow, orange and red leaves in the fall provide an added bonus for this dependable and extremely resilient specimen.

The highly adaptable Pacific Sunset maple is incredibly hardy,with excellent heat and drought resistance. This medium sized shade tree performs well in a variety of soil conditions, and is moderately fast growing.

The very tough, adaptable, and compact pacific sunset maple provides long lasting fall color with thick, shiny leaves and consistently low maintenance requirements. Heat and drought tolerance ensure vibrant green leaves throughout the summer, while improved cold tolerance warrants excellent display and health in the winter.

Somerset Red Maple Tree

Somerset Maple Trees at Garden Gate
Somerset Red Maple Trees at Garden Gate.

The Somerset Red Maple Tree is a quick growing, uniformly shaped tree with a strong,and upright growth habit, maturing at a height of 40 ft and spread of 25 ft.This popular shade tree adds stunning and long lasting red foliage to the fall landscape.

This tree tolerates both dry and wet growing conditions well, while providing consistent shade throughout the summer. Growth is seemingly instantaneous, as this quick growing tree can put on about two feet per year. In addition to adaptability to a wide range of soil conditions, the Somerset red maple tree tolerates urban settings well.

Ease of culture is a given for seedless male clones, which require very little maintenance and cleanup, and display excellent disease resistance.The upright growth habit and oval shape creates a uniform crown that necessitates little pruning and naturally good shape.

Maple trees are an American Autumn staple, as they provide brilliant colors with flair and grace. More details about maple trees can be found in our online catalog.

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