Great looking trees and shrubs from our Oregon location

Christopher Wray
May 24, 2024

We wanted to highlight a few great-looking shrubs and trees that we have available at our location in Oregon, ready to ship now.

#7 Globosa Spruce

These #7 Globosa Spruce are looking spectacular. We have over 450 ready to ship to your job site now.

Globosa Spruce in #7 at Garden Gate Nursery
#7 Globosa Spruce

#7 Dwarf Serbian Spruce

These Dwarf Serbian Spruce are looking great and ready to go now.

Dwarf Serbian Spruce
Dwarf Serbian Spruce

#7 Slowmound Mugo Pine

If you're looking for a dwarf mugo pine, this is it. We have 50 of these beauties ready now.

Slowmound Mugo Pine at Garden Gate Nursery
Recently pruned Slowmound Mugo Pines

#7 Blue Shag White Pine

These large Blue Shag are ready for their permanent home.

Blue Shag White Pine at Garden Gate Nursery
Pinus strobus Blue Shag White Pine

#7 Goldmound Spirea

These are gorgeous, large and ready to ship now.

Goldmound Spirea at Garden Gate Nursery

#7 Goldflame Spirea

We have a few of these beauties left in #7 containers.

Goldflame Spirea
Goldflame Spirea at Garden Gate in Oregon

#7 Skylands Oriental Spruce

Skylands Oriental Spruce at Garden Gate Nursery

Western White Pine

These are some stock we have missed getting on our availability. Beautiful trees and ready to ship now.

#15 Western White Pine

There's more!

Check out our availability to see more plants we have available.

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