Take Time to Enjoy the Bright New Day Under the Double Weeping Cherry Tree

Jeana Cadby
March 13, 2020

The bright morning sun winks slowly, glinting in the morning dew. Tufts of delicately frilled petals adorning gracefully weeping branches begin to emerge. Emboldened by the promise of a new day, the buds burst open, revealing the long-anticipated performance of the Double Weeping Cherry Tree. 

A Spring Sensation 

Without a doubt, the Double Weeping Cherry Tree is the perfect specimen tree for showy spring flowers. Blooms are rosy-pink, and appear in a flurry of delicate petals, adorning the long, cascading branches of this vigorous cherry.

Sandra and granddaughter enjoying blossoms of Double Weeping Cherry Trees at Garden Gate Nursery in Washington.
Sandra and granddaughter enjoying blossoms of Double Weeping Cherry Trees at Garden Gate Nursery in Washington.

 The first bloom of flowering cherries marks the coming of spring. The diversity found among flowering cherry trees are a real treat, as stunning displays can be spread throughout the season. Before leaves emerge, flower buds cautiously peer from their winter hideaways, preparing for a most spectacular marvel. The exceptional blooms of the Double Weeping Cherry Tree offer an especially delightful show, with distinctive double layered flowers. 

Flowers arranged in sets of two to five umbels appear in late winter to early spring. Striking red calyxes clasp downward facing clusters. Dangling amiably, flowers hold on longer throughout the season than other cherry trees. The absolutely gorgeous flowers possess a depth of color as well. Petals of creamy white radiantly blush with a lovely pink halo, perfectly angled for the entranced spectator. 

A Stunning Specimen

A burst of copper foliage appears after flowers drop, and turn to a verdant green for the summer months. Classically serrated leaves drape down sweeping branches. The unique weeping form is quite attractive, and glossy green summer foliage is worn proudly throughout the season. Yellow and orange color is revealed in the fall and is also breathtaking. 

The Double Weeping Cherry is native to Japan and is characterized by its distinctive and exquisite umbrella or pronounced weeping form. Plant this weeping cherry tree among other cherries to extend and diversify spring floral displays. Rosy-pink flowers are certainly a wonderful treat, and pair nicely with other cherry blossoms. The Double Weeping Cherry also performs well against a natural backdrop and appears absolutely brilliant when mixed into the landscape. 

A Semi-Mature Double Weeping Cherry in a Landscape.
A Semi-Mature Double Weeping Cherry in a Landscape.

Spring flowers as well as tiny fruits can also attract wildlife, adding additional excitement throughout the year. This ornamental cherry is quite disease tolerant, compared to other flowering cherry trees. The ease of care and wide adaptability make the Double Weeping Cherry tree an easy choice for landscapers. Tolerant to a wide range of climate conditions, find this tree growing in zones 5-8, with a maximum height of 30 ft, and spread of 20 ft.  

Nothing to Weep About

Grow this cherry tree in full sun to part shade, to capture its full potential as a specimen tree. The Double Weeping Cherry is a hardy variety that remains compact in size, but not in boldness. Although this cherry tree is tolerant to a variety of soil conditions, moist, fertile, and well drained soils will offer the best support. Be sure to provide regular watering, keeping in mind that this cherry does not tolerate standing water. 

A strong structure is reinforced by conservative pruning, which can also allow for pedestrian access under the canopy. A single leader will maintain elegant shape, with a moderately rapid growth rate. The compact form of this attractive cherry tree allows for planting in a diversity of landscapes. Compliment some existing foliage with the addition of this wonderful flowering cherry tree. 


A gorgeous specimen with excellent spring floral displays, the Double Weeping Cherry Tree (Prunus subhirtella ‘Pendula Plena Rosea’) is a hardy cherry with excellent fall color. Light pink double flowers are a strong highlight, with adaptability to poor soil conditions. 

Take time to enjoy the bright new day under the Double Weeping Cherry Tree and experience this showy and absolutely wonderful seasonal delight. 

As a calm breeze sweeps over the still water, the reflection of the Double Weeping Cherry begins to stir. This reminder to take the time to enjoy the bright new day comes in the form of a refreshing specimen tree with so much to give.

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