The Autumn Blaze Maple is Here to Warm Your Heart

Jeana Cadby
September 2, 2019

Fast growing, adaptable, and absolutely gorgeous fall color, the Autumn Blaze Maple tree is here to warm your heart. Admire the elegant form of a durable and eye-catching red maple.

Hearts Ablaze

Enjoy reliable, lasting fall color in the Autumn Blaze Maple. Orange-red fall interest is easily the highlight of this colorful maple tree. Early color, long lasting throughout the season, offers more time to enjoy the show. Upright growth habit and uniform development shows off this gorgeous foliage all year round.

This improved hybrid maple tree boasts both rapid growth and natural strength. Use as a landscape tree to quickly add shade, and taking advantage of the maximum 50 foot height with 40 foot spread. Tolerance to urban pollution in addition to easy pruning, to increase canopy height, makes the Autumn Blaze a lovely urban tree. Good pest and disease resistance also affords peace of mind, with reduced maintenance requirements.

Flash of Color

Thriving in both cooler and warm climates, this zone 3 maple tree survives well in temperatures as low as -40 to -30° Fahrenheit. This durable maple will tolerate diverse soil conditions, including drought conditions, as well as wet soils with good drainage. However, pH sensitivity may be limiting in regions with higher pH water.

The large size of this beautiful red maple adds to its value as a specimen tree. Satisfy the inner artist, and take note of the elegant aesthetic, with symmetric oval canopy and an overall attractive profile. When the final leaf has dropped in the wintertime, evenly spaced branches maintain balance and structure, pleasing the eye. Anticipate the burst red-tinted, lush growth in early spring, which matures to a lovely green throughout the summer.

Gleam of Foliage

Plant the Autumn Blaze maple in groups or mixed with evergreens to electrify a vigorous landscape. The development of the iconic red fall color is as captivating watching as a flame bursting out of a lit match, working its way down from the top of the tree. This breathtaking transformation must certainly be responsible for the naming of this tree.

2 Inch Autumn Blaze Maple Trees at Garden Gate.
2 Inch Autumn Blaze Maple Trees at Garden Gate.

Pruning in early growth may help to develop the naturally shapely tree, and can be done in late spring or early summer. Pruning in later growth can also be used to adjust canopy height for use as a lovey shade tree in pedestrian areas. Plant in full sun to partial shade to highlight the gracefully waving fans of flaming red leaves. The brilliant, stated red hue spills into autumn in elegant fashion, like a watercolor brush upon contact with the canvass.


Glowing red fall color, quick growth, and stunning foliage make the perfect combination for a specimen and landscaping tree. A low maintenance maple in the form of a towering and stoic shade tree is the Autumn Blaze (Acer x freemanii ‘Jeffersred’), here to warm your heart. Find uniquely vivid fall interest in the form of fire-y red color, and quick shade with a wonderfully resilient maple.

Find the Autumn Blaze in our catalog here.

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