The Autumn Fantasy Maple is an Elegant Jewel

Jeana Cadby
October 30, 2019

A fast growing maple tree with brilliant fall color, the Autumn Fantasy Maple is an elegant jewel. With tolerance to various soil conditions combined and climactic conditions, this maple gleams with beautiful foliage and versatility.

A True Gem

The Autumn Fantasy Maple captivates onlookers with glistening ruby-red fall color and handsome shape. This hardy specimen tree is an inter-specific hybrid, retaining the excellent qualities of its Silver Maple and a Red Maple parents. A shapely oval form fits incredibly well into a variety of landscapes. 

Autumn Fantasy Maple Leaves
Autumn Fantasy Maple Leaves

Showy red flowers emerge in the early spring, making way for verdant green foliage to appear for the summer. Large, lobed maple leaves of silvery-green summer foliage are persistent, providing cool shade and natural allure. As autumn approaches, warm shades of orange, scarlet and crimson flutter in to reveal the final brilliant crimson red color for the fall. The long-lasting ruby red fall color of the Autumn Fantasy is truly a seasonal treat. 

Brilliant and Bold

Autumn Fantasy Maple Tree has exceptional tolerance to soil and climactic conditions. A broad, oval shape with large, sturdy branches, makes this tree one of the hardiest, most adaptable shade maple trees. High pH soils are not a major hindrance, although this maple thrives in average to wet conditions with good drainage. 

This fast growing shade tree reaches a maximum height of 50 feet with a spread of 40 feet. Mix and match in the landscape, taking advantage of an average texture which blends well into the landscape. The Autumn Fantasy makes an excellent specimen, border, or street tree. The Autumn Fantasy is also highly tolerant of urban pollution, in addition to snow and wind damage. Geographic growing regions range widely from zones 3-7, making this highly adaptable tree an easy choice. 

Adaptable and Exceptional

The low maintenance Autumn Fantasy tree is an excellent shade tree due to its high canopy and lush leaf development. This can be further managed by pruning lower branches to achieve ideal shape. Prune in summer after the leaves have fully developed, if necessary, or to  maintain a single leader when in early growth. Expect quick growth and dependable durability. 

#7 Gallon Sized Autumn Fantasy's at Garden Gate.
#7 Gallon Sized Autumn Fantasy's at Garden Gate.

The incredibly adaptable Autumn Fantasy Maple tree is a fast-growing maple tree with broad oval shape, picture-perfect backdrop for any landscape. Plant this large maple tree in full sun with well-drained soil with regular watering for best results. This red maple makes an excellent street or lawn tree, with attractive, large leaves to flatter the landscape. 


The Autumn Fantasy Maple  (Acer x freemanii 'Autumn Fantasy') is adapted to a wide variety of soil types with phenomenal color change in the fall. For a quick growing maple with wonderful fall color and excellent tolerance to a variety of conditions, the Autumn Fantasy Maple is an elegant jewel. Could there be a better way to add some color to the landscape with a natural glow than with a stunning maple tree?

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