The Autumn Radiance Maple Tree has Delightful Charm

Jeana Cadby
November 18, 2019

Early red fall color blushes warmly against the autumn backdrop, as dense foliage ruffles gently in the afternoon sun. Maintaining excellent shape throughout maturity, with effortless color and beautiful foliage throughout the year, the Autumn Radiance Maple has delightful charm. 

Endearing and Effervescent

The Autumn Radiance Maple tree is an outstanding specimen with so much to give. A strong branch structure develops easily, forming an upright oval habit with an open rounded crown at maturity. This October Glory Maple and Red Sunset Maple cross displays a uniform growth habit with an open rounded form. The typically high canopy has a clearance of 7 feet displays naturally uniform branching.

Beautifully shaped Autumn Radiance Maple trees at Garden Gate.
Beautifully shaped Autumn Radiance Maple trees at Garden Gate.

The delightful Autumn Radiance is a shapely specimen with an attractive form. This outstanding red maple tree boasts impressively dense foliage, adorning an upright, oval form.With a medium growth rate, expect this hardy maple to reach a height of 50 feet and spread of 40 feet. Try this delightful maple tree as a shade, accent, or boarder specimen, flourishing spectacularly in growing range zones 4-7. 

Autumn is Aglow

The Autumn Radiance Maple features showy clusters of red flowers in the spring, nicely complemented by new foliage, emerging vibrant red. Beautifully dense and dark green foliage follows, developing a lush canopy throughout the summer. Brilliant red fall color appears early in the season, and is long lasting. Dependable displays of red-scarlet are breathtaking, lingering well into the winter months with persistent foliage. 

Prepare to be swept into a dreamy blur of heart-warming color and elegant foliage, as the Autumn Radiance Maple tree charms its way through the seasons. Landscapers love the Autumn Radiance for its ease of culture and dependable beauty. Silver-grey and furrowed bark creates additional interest and dimension to the landscape. This low maintenance maple tree can be effectively planted for use as a street tree. This maple tree is somewhat tolerant of urban pollution and minimal of seed production reduces litter.

Flushed with Optimism

Long lasting color and excellent shape are just a few reasons to get swept up in the irresistible charm of the Autumn Radiance. Pollinators will enjoy the dense canopy, which can provide good cover for birds and other wildlife. This adaptable red maple performs well in full sun, with average to wet conditions and acidic soil, as alkaline soils may influence yellowing. 

The Autumn Radiance Red Maple has an average texture which blends well into the landscape. This low maintenance maple tree can be pruned if necessary in the summer after leaves have fully developed. Unwanted suckers and lower branches should be removed to maintain ideal shape and adjust canopy height. 


Discover a wonderful red maple tree that has strong branch structure, dense canopy, showy red flowers in early spring, with stunning orange-red to red fall color. Brilliant and consistent fall color beaming with an attractive glow, the Autumn Radiance Maple Tree (Acer rubrum 'Autumn Radiance') has delightful charm. When was the last time a maple tree took your breath away?

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