The Pink Flair Cherry Tree is an Enchanting Delight

Jeana Cadby
July 16, 2019

Dreamy and delicate flowers, compact size and wonderful fall color make the Pink Flair Cherry an Enchanting Delight. Throughout the seasons, elegant shape and disposition continue to impress keen onlookers, year after year.

Delightful Flair

Rosettes of princess pink flowers adorning graceful shoots are just a few reasons to shout praises for the Pink Flair Cherry. Delicate petals dance like light chiffon, infusing a dainty fragrance into the crisp spring air. Clusters of flowers are shyly waiting for a grand entrance, but for what purpose?

Flourishing a few weeks into spring, later in the season, the Pink Flair cleverly waits for the threat of frost to pass before revealing a stunning display of color. This well-timed unveiling is much to the delight of eager butterflies, bees, and other wildlife. This tree performs well in zone 4 climates, tolerating cooler temperatures of -30 to -20 degrees F.

As one of the hardier cherry trees available, the Pink Flair adds a wonderful floral flair for years to come. Additional features, such as a symmetrical shape and handsome bark just speak to the overall high quality of this tree, found in every detail.

Pint Sized Color

Spring flowers are not the only source of color for the Pink Flair Cherry Tree. Deep dahlia-purple fruits are soon to follow, dangling mischievously as curious birds take interest. Reddish leaves emerge in the spring, leading to dark green foliage throughout the summer months. Jaunty foliage makes for a cool sight on a hot day, and as seasons turn to fall, a vibrant orange peeks through before stealing the show.

In true form of a good accent tree, oval leaves turn a lovely orange-red in the fall. Naturally brown bark appears polished under the lively canopy, another addition to the wide appeal. The enchanting nature of the Pink Flair is made even more impressive considering its compact form.

With a maximum height of 25 feet and spread of 15 feet, there is always room to plant the Pink Flair Cherry. A canopy floats about 4 to 6 feet off the ground, the perfect height for flower gazing. This cherry tree would work well in a smaller garden, or as a lovely addition to extend the season for a collection of other flowering cherries. Mingle the Pink Flair Cherry throughout the landscape to mix and match fall colors, and taking advantage of its small size to fill in the gaps.

The Perfect Fit

As a cold hardy cherry with a lot to offer, this tree does its best work while planted in a sunny area with generous water throughout early growth, while avoiding wet feet. Pruning late in the winter is best, if necessary to maintain shape or height. This low maintenance tree naturally retains a narrow vase shape, with a small footprint, and mixes well with other trees. Heat and drought tolerance are also a relief throughout the hotter summer months, while cold tolerance throughout the winter leaves more time for enjoying the display.

Fairly good tolerance to urban pollution, low maintenance requirements, wide soil adaptability, and compact size makes the Pink Flair Cherry wonderful for urban landscapes or neighborhood settings. In addition cold hardy-ness and year round interest, the Pink Flair is one of the best cherry trees to plant this year.


The Pink Flair Cherry (Prunus Sargentii 'JFS-KW58') is an enchanting tree, with wonderful year round interest, and delightful spring flowers, all packed into a compact and low maintenance form. What is the most versatile tree for a small garden?

Find the Prunus Sargentii 'JFS-KW58' Tree in our catalog here.

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