The Red Rocket Maple Tree is Reaching for the Stars

Jeana Cadby
September 27, 2019

Fiery red fall color paired with excellent cold tolerance, the beautiful Red Rocket Maple tree is reaching for the stars. A medium sized red maple tree with perky upright growth habit is just the maple tree to illuminate any fall landscape.

Blast of Color

The cold tolerant Red Rocket Maple makes dreams come true as a hardy and intriguing addition to areas in need of fiery red fall color. Columnar, upright growth habit makes this Maple tree a perfect choice for tight urban spaces. As a smaller maple with a lot of heart, the Red Rocket is ready to light up any landscape. 

As one of the most cold hardy maple cultivars, the Red Rocket is a United States National Arboretum release from the northern Minnesota region. The Red Rocket Maple Tree is not well suited for the Tri Cities Washington area due to our summer heat, however this tree is an excellent option for colder climates for its hardiness. This zone 3 maple tree can survive in temperatures as low as -40 to -30° Fahrenheit. 

Play Among the Stars 

Showy red flowers appear in the spring before new, red leaves emerge, yielding to attractive green foliage throughout the summer. This dense deciduous tree sports lovely lobed leaves which transition to a blazing red with glimmers of orange in the fall. 

A Red Rocket Maple is the perfect red maple for smaller spaces, with a narrow height of 38 feet and compact spread of 15 feet. A low canopy with about a 4-foot clearance makes this maple tree a good fit for most landscape integrations. Use this columnar maple tree as a colorful vertical accent tree, or to fill in the gaps in any cool climate setting. 

A Twinkle in the Sky

Furrowed silver bark adds a twinkle of texture and added interest. Red branches are eye catching after leaf drop and give an additional blush to the landscape. Expect outstanding red autumn color from the Red Rocket Maple tree. 

Red Rocket Maple tree leaves and branches.
Red Rocket Maple tree leaves and branches.

This relatively low maintenance maple tree grows at a medium rate, and does not need heavy pruning. Shape is similar to the Bowhall Red Maple tree, with a slightly slower growth rate. If necessary, prune in the summer after leaves have fully developed. Insect resistance with adaptability to soil conditions, are also a plus. For best performance, plant this red maple in moist, acidic soils with good drainage. 

Star Struck Fall Color

The Red Rocket Maple tree is a wonderful selection for home landscapes. Glean the benefits of extraordinary fall maple color with only a small footprint. There is always space for an extraordinary tree with narrowly upright and columnar growth in addition to tolerance to urban pollution. 


Blast off into the night sky with the compact, columnar Red Rocket Maple tree (Acer rubrum 'Red Rocket'). With excellent fall color packed into a cold-hardy specimen maple tree, there is no better way to add color to a fall landscape. Could there be a better fit for northern climates than the Red Rocket Maple tree?

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