The Starlite Crabapple is a Diamond in the Rough

Jeana Cadby
September 11, 2019

As a beautiful accent specimen, with fragrant white flowers, colorful red fruit, and fabulous foliage, the Starlite Crabapple is a diamond in the rough. When seeking a cold hardy and disease tolerant option, reach for the stars and upgrade from the ‘Spring Snow’ crabapple to the ‘Starlite’ crabapple.

Precious Stone

The dense, dark green, glossy foliage of the Starlite Crabapple tree provides a calming, natural feel. With an upward, round, and stately growth habit, expect a moderate growth rate with minimal pruning requirements. The hardy Starlite is an excellent tree for use in the landscape or as a specimen tree.

Starlight Crabapple Leaves
Starlight Crabapple Leaves

Plant this deciduous flowering tree to fill in a landscape, to insert a fresh deep green color in the spring, with a burst of white flowers. Come autumn, the sunshiny yellow fall color adds interest when used as a specimen or shade tree. This medium sized crabapple tree grows to a height of 25 feet tall, and 15 feet wide. The Starlite Crabapple is appreciated for exceptional disease resistance, including scab resistance.

A True Gem

The Starlite Crabapple tree is a newer variety, and an excellent upgrade to the Spring Snow crabapple. This cold-tolerant zone 2 tree is low maintenance, and can be grown in partial shade to full sun, flourishing in temperatures up to -40°. If pruning becomes necessary, shape in late winter, avoiding periods of extreme cold. Compared to the Spring Snow, advanced disease resistance is evident in crisp and clean foliage all season long.

This hardy tree offers delicate and fragrant white flowers in the spring, followed by persistent candy-red fruit, emerging in the summer time. These tiny red fruits dot the canopy, adding a depth of color and texture, lingering throughout the winter. Anticipate the sweet sounds of delight as songbirds welcome the showy fruits into late fall. A lovely yellow hue emerges on the shiny, pointed leaves as autumn comes around the corner.

Excellent Disease Resistance

When seeking a resilient and disease resistant crabapple tree, look no further than the Starlite Crabapple. This hardy specimen stands up to the elements as an accent, shade, and landscaping tree. With low canopy clearance, the easily maintained Starlite can be used for general garden use or in urban street landscapes. The abundant and significant white flowers are a true highlight for many spectators.

Starlite Crabapple Trees at Garden Gate
Starlite Crabapple trees at Garden Gate in Pasco Wa starting to turn.

A wide adaptability to various soil conditions and high tolerance to urban pollution make this tree an easy choice for most landscaping needs. Grow the Starlite Crabapple tree in average to moist soil conditions. Superior fireblight and scab resistance is also an excellent bonus, especially when compared to other crabapples. The ascending branching pattern is perfect for landscape use, compared the wider, rounded crown of the previous favorite, the Spring Snow.


Admire the Starlite Crabapple tree for its calming, natural beauty and cheery year round interest. Candy-red fruit and fragrant white flowers highlight beautifully dense foliage with fall color. Exceptional disease resistance makes the Starlite Crabapple tree a diamond in the rough.

Starlight Crabapple trees at Garden Gate in Boring Oregon, still bright and green.

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