What we love about the Redpointe® Maple

Jeana Cadby
August 15, 2019

Autumn beckons for change as humans layer up for warmth, birds quell their singing, and trees don generous flamboyant fall colors. Not to be outdone, the Redpointe® Maple graces the scene, like a bright flame juxtaposed against the greying skyline.

Beauty and unique character paired with ease of culture make the Redpointe® Maple an easy addition to the fall landscape.

Here are a few things that we love about the Redpointe® Maple.

Splendor and Poise

Uniform growth throughout multiple seasons reduces pruning and maintenance requirements and also maintaining an attractive aesthetic. This tree holds a classic teardrop shape with natural branch angles and symmetrical canopy development. Leaves maintain a fresh, deep-green color throughout the summer, even throughout the heat. Smaller and pest tolerant leaves reliably deliver stunning, deep red colors in the fall.

The Redpointe® Maple is tolerant of higher pH soils and will provide dazzling fall colors earlier than other trees. Many maples are grown in areas with a high soil pH, which often encourages leaf chlorosis, especially during the warmer summer months. This variety of North American adapted species has been improved to resist yellowing and chlorosis, as well as anthracnose, spider mites, and leafhoppers.

Semi-mature Redpointe Maple Trees
Semi-Mature Redpointe Maple trees in a Tri-Cities Landscape.

This adaptability to a variety of local climates and soil types is one of the strengths of this tree. It persistently insists on providing the earliest, brightest, and highest quality color that adds a wonderful aesthetic to any landscape.

Ease of Culture

Vigorous and symmetrical canopy growth keeps fresh all summer long. With a six-foot clearance from the ground at maturity, expect a total of 45 feet in height, spreading about 30 feet wide. Lower branches can be pruned to allow for higher clearance. This fast growing tree should be pruned only after leaves have fully developed in the summer, and can live for over 80 years.

Colorful red branches and silvery bark add accents, especially at the emergence of eye-catching red flowers in the early spring. For vigorous growth, plant this tree in full sunlight as an accent or shade tree. One of the benefits of the Redpointe maple is its adaptability, which allows it to be successful in average to wet conditions, and even tolerating moderate standing water.

Made for the Urban Landscape

Shallow roots are adaptable to a variety of soil conditions, making the Redpointe maple a win for the urban landscape. Straight upright growth does not threaten to obstruct urban activities, and sturdy branches are attractive from all angles. Landscapers and homeowners can revel in the consistency and reliability in shape as well as low maintenance needs.

When spring leaves emerge for a dazzling display, trees contribute to the visual and physical aesthetics of the landscape. Female blossoms do not release pollen, which is a welcome relief for those who suffer from allergies. Paired with a high tolerance for urban pollution, this tree is a net positive for air quality.

With so many features to love, there is so much to admire about the Redpointe® Maple. Vibrant colors, ease of culture, and consistency for years to come, this tree is a wonderful addition to any skyline.

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