Why you should plant trees in your yard.

Jeana Cadby
May 30, 2018

Enhancing your outdoor space with trees is an excellent way to add value to your home, and upgrade your living environment.

Trees have many wonderful advantages, ranging from improving air quality to relaxing benefits for the mind. With lower maintenance needs than shrubs or gardens, trees are great addition to the yard. Incorporating trees into your yard and landscape can be a rewarding opportunity to take advantage of these qualities while increasing the value of your living space.


Increasing the green space in your yard creates a calming and more natural environment. This is not only important for human health, but for ecosystem health as well.

Deep and shallow rooted trees provide structure and support to the soil, which can help prevent flooding and soil runoff. Roots anchor the tree in place by producing an underground network. This network also maintains the soils capability to retain moisture and lock soil particles together. In the case of major rainfall, trees in the yard will slow down the water flow, promote faster drainage, and keep soil from sliding away.

Increased soil moisture from trees also prevents soil particles from forming and polluting the air. On windy days, trees can filter airborne dust particles to improve the surrounding air quality.

In addition, trees provide shade and ambient moisture, which cools surrounding areas. This cooling action can help reduce energy usage in the home, while also creating a comfortable outdoor space for spending time outside. Deciduous trees, which drop their leaves in the winter, allow sunlight to filter through to brighten up those winder days.


Trees not only beautify your yard, but can also give your property some privacy while maintaining a natural aesthetic.

Using trees to border your yard or to create a windbreak provides the utility of a fence or border, with all the natural benefits of trees. With such a big variety of colors to choose from, adding border trees to your yard creates a beautiful vertical aesthetic that doesn't take up too much space. Choose trees with colors that compliment your house, and plan accordingly for the full size of the tree that your yard can accommodate.

Border trees can also function as a windbreak, which can insulate the area around your home, to create a more comfortable environment. Trees can reduce wind strength horizontally up to ten times the height of the tree.

In addition, trees can absorb incoming noise, and will reduce sounds from road traffic. The soft rustling of leaves act as a white noise machine as wind passes through, muffling noise from cars, lawn mowers, or other sources. Use a variety of small and tall trees to truly upgrade your home to a sanctuary space.


Picking the right kind of tree for the size of your yard and the function you would like it to provide is important.

The variety of landscape trees that are available for you to use in your yard is plentiful. With so many trees to choose from, finding the perfect combination for your needs is easy. Incorporating trees into your landscape to ultimately increase the value of your home is a fun and exciting job.

Potted trees have made it so easy to simply plant and place beautiful greenery in your yard. After considering the simple space requirements for each tree, you can plan out your landscape and be planting in no time.

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