Does Tree Quality Even Matter?

Jeana Cadby
August 20, 2018

When selecting your next accent piece or landscape addition for your home, there are so many factors to consider. The species and size of the tree, suitability to your local climate, and of course, the cost of investment will all play a role in the final decision. So when its finally time to select your tree, you might ask, does tree quality even matter?

Here are a few things you benefit from by choosing a quality tree:

Extended Lifespan

Choosing a quality tree ensures that your tree has a long, healthy life with less susceptibility to growth issues or disease. While it may be enticing to choose a lower quality tree with a cheaper price tag, consider the money you save in the long run from a potentially early replacement.

When looking to buy a tree, check the structure and health of the branches and trunk, and be sure to investigate the root system. A tree with a sound root system will have a longer and healthier life expectancy. Ensuring that your trees have healthy root systems can prevent a slow and ugly death from inhibited water and sugar transport.

Storm Safety

Beyond the risk of needing a replacement tree, planting a quality tree is a preventative measure against structural damage from storms. A resilient tree will have a single sturdy trunk with balanced branch formation, a uniform canopy and a healthy, vibrant root system.

Reduced Maintenance

Young trees are often pruned to spur growth, and awkwardly angled branches can create issues as a tree continues to grow. Poor initial shape often leads to issues in mature branch formation, which will require correction with additional pruning down the line. A quality tree will be properly pruned throughout all stages of the trees life, and will save on eventual maintenance costs.

While it is smart to eliminate excess costs when designing a landscape, purchasing trees of a high quality must be regarded as a necessary investment. A thoughtfully cared for tree will be structurally sound, and a healthy asset to any landscape.

Not all trees of the same species are created equally. Planting a tree is an investment, and quality does actually matter. A good nursery with an eye for quality can help guide to choose the best and healthiest tree for your needs. The quality of a tree can be evaluated based on the health and sturdiness of its branches, trunk, and root system, as well as its overall form, injuries, and root problems. Considering all costs that go into implementing and maintaining a landscape, it makes sense to get more bang for your buck with a tree that provides more for its initial purchase value.

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