Garden Gate is Temporarily not Accepting In-Person Appointments

Christopher Wray
March 30, 2020

In an effort to protect our valuable employees and the customers we love doing business with, we have made the decision to temporarily stop accepting in-person appointments for any of our customers. We are hoping this will be a short time, and we will do our best to let you know when we are open for appointments again!

Our Spring, Open to the Public event is still open (tentatively), but we may be forced to postpone or cancel the event for this Spring. Although it is difficult to make these decisions, we feel that it is in the best interest for everyone if we go this route.

Opening an Online Store

On a super positive note, we are looking forward to opening an online store for our home-owning customers here in the Tri-Cities Washington!

Next week, we are planning to release the first version of the online store. Look out for updates on that and sign up for our newsletter to get a notification when the store goes live!

Customers will be able to pick up trees one day a week for the month of April.

Thank you.

Thank you so much for your continued support in our family farm. We could not be in business without every one of our amazing customers throughout the Pacific Northwest.

We can't wait until the spread of the virus has stopped and we can all get back to normal life. In the meantime, take time to do some yard work and plant some trees!

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