This Spring, we will open to the public for our bi-annual open to the public event here at Garden Gate Nursery. This is the best opportunity for local Tri-Cities residents to come pick out trees directly from your local wholesale nursery. Set on over 30 acres of farmland, we grow many different varieties of shade, ornamental and conifer trees. All of our trees are hardy and grow well in the Tri-Cities area.

Some more info:

  1. If you want to get a head start on picking out your trees, visit our catalog here.
    We have a filtering feature in the catalog that makes it easy to find the perfect selection for your landscape.
  2. Come and plan to stay a while, it can be a hard decision to pick out trees.
  3. We're a wholesale tree nursery and only open to the public during set days like these, so it will feel more like visiting a farm.
  4. Although we don't have a huge staff, we will try to help you the best we are able.
  5. Bring a friend!

If you have any questions about our nursery or the event in particular, check out this faq page.