F.A.Q. About Garden Gate's Open to the Public Event

Christopher Wray
May 8, 2019

We open tomorrow!

We have had several similar questions about our open to the public event and we just wanted to let everyone know the answers so that you can know before you make the trip. Below you can read some of the frequent questions we've received so far about the event and our answers.

1. Will we sell Arborvitaes at this event?

No, we do not grow or sell Arborvitae trees.

2. Will we have blueberry plants?

No, we are a tree nursery and mostly grow trees.

3. Will we have small flowers or plants available at the event?

No, we are a tree nursery. We will have a small selection of shrubs available, but you will find a large selection of shade and ornamental trees that grow in our area.

4. Can you give me prices on this tree?

We do not normally give out pricing on trees before the event as prices are able to change, and many people are accustomed to tiny trees at Lowe's or other garden centers. Our trees are larger and therefore will be more expensive. That being said, many customers have said our retail prices are very fair.

5. Do you offer delivery?

Yes! We do, but this year we will not be offering to plant trees.

6. What is your pricing on delivery?

The cost of delivery will depend on the location delivered to, the size of the trees and how many trees you need delivered.

7. Can you plant my trees?

This year, we are not planting trees as we are too busy with our wholesale customer orders. There are great landscapers throughout Tri-Cities that you can contact about planting your trees.

8. Do you have a list of trees available at the nursery?

YES! On our website we have an excel availability list from April. It is pretty accurate, but has changed some. You can find it here.

9. Are your trees good for the Tri-Cities?

We only grow trees that do well in our area, so yes any tree at the event should do well here. Some of the trees we grow will grow better in shade, some in full sun, but none of them should die from a winter freeze if they are appropriately fertilized. (not fertilized in fall or late summer.)

10. Do you have suggestions for a tree that I can put in a certain area by my house?

We try to be very helpful at our event, but sometimes we are very busy. Your best option would be to view our tree catalog on our website, and find a tree that looks like it is the appropriate size, color, and that you like for the spot. You can view our catalog here.

THANK YOU and we hope this will help!