F.A.Q. About Garden Gate's Open to the Public Events

Christopher Wray
September 13, 2023

We open to the public periodically by appointment and in events.

As you may or may not know, Garden Gate Nursery is a wholesale nursery, which means we primarily grow and sell trees for retail garden centers, landscapers and cities. We are not normally open to homeowners, but occasionally, we host Open to the Public events, where homeowners and anyone who wants can come and pick out trees straight from the farm anytime during the event.

We are also open by appointments from Spring to Fall.

We have had several similar questions about us and we just wanted to let everyone know the answers so that you can know before you make the trip. Below you can read some of the frequent questions we've received so far about Garden Gate and our answers.

1. Do you sell Arborvitaes?

We normally do not grow Arborvitae trees. Sometimes we have them available, but they are not really our specialty. We do carry some pyramidal varieties of Arborvitae, like Green Giant arborvitae and the Virginian Arborvitae.

2. Do you offer a warranty or will you give me credit for my tree or plant if it dies?

We stand behind our trees and our trees are guaranteed to be healthy when they leave the nursery. We give our customers 14 days after any sell to notify us of a problem if a tree has an issue that came from the nursery.

After 14 days, we cannot give credit for trees sold as we cannot control the amount of water the tree receives, how the tree is planted, whether the tree is damaged from lawnmowers or weed eaters and other common problems. Trees and plants alike require maintenance and care after being planted, and we expect the customer to take care of the trees and plants maintenance after the plant or tree has left the nursery.

Want to know more about how to take care of your trees?

Please read our blog on how to properly plant trees here, and watch this video about how not to kill your trees after you have planted them in your yard.

3. Do you have small flowers or plants available?

No, we are a tree nursery. We may have a small selection of shrubs available, but you will find a large selection of shade and ornamental trees that grow in our area.

4. Can you give me prices on this tree?

The best way to estimate prices is by checking out our online store. There we have prices of some trees. If you decide you would rather purchase your plants online, you can also purchase your plants right there! Our checkout process online is a lot faster than at the nursery, and prices are similar.

5. Do you offer delivery?

Yes! We do offer delivery.

At this time, we are not offering delivery from our online store, but we are offering delivery to customers that purchase during an Open to the Public event, or by appointment.

6. What is your pricing on delivery?

The cost of delivery will depend on the location delivered to, the size of the trees and how many trees you need delivered.

7. Do you have a list of trees available at the nursery?

Yes. On our website we publish our availability almost every month. You can find it here.

8. Are your trees good for the Tri-Cities?

We only grow trees that do well in our area, so yes any tree at the event should do well here in Tri-Cities. Some of the trees we grow will grow better in shade, some in full sun, but none of them should die from a winter freeze if they are appropriately fertilized. (not fertilized in fall or late summer.) If you check out our catalog or online store, each plant page has a photo of areas in the United States where the specific plant will do well.

9. Do you have suggestions for a tree that I can put in a certain area by my house?

We try to be helpful at our event, but sometimes we are very busy. Your best option would be to view our tree catalog on our website, and find a tree that looks like it is the appropriate size, color, and that you like for the spot. You can view our catalog here and sort and filter trees by size, family, and more features.

THANK YOU and we hope this will help you as you prepare to meet us at the Garden Gate!

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