July Availability + Heat Shock Protection + Two Great Lindens

Christopher Wray
July 6, 2021

Here you can download our current availability, pulled yesterday.

I hope you and your plants are surviving the heat.

We want to let you know about a great product for plants that can help prevent shock during this time of year, called TransFilm Anti-Transparent. This product and another called, Nature Shield, is used to coat foliage with a protective layer keeping as much water from escaping during heat like this. If you have plants you are concerned about suffering, you can spray them with one of these products to help with heat shock as well as keeping them well watered.

A small tree that is beautifully formed and a great landscape choice is the Summer Sprite Linden. With a uniform cone shape, these trees reach a height of 20' and spread of 15', making them a great smaller ornamental.

Summer Sprite Lindens at Garden Gate.

Another great Linden choice is the Sterling Silver Linden. This tree is twice the size of the Summer Sprite, more suited as a medium shade tree. With a height of 45' and spread of 30', this tree will fit in most yards, while still providing a good amount of summer shade.

Sterling Silver Lindens at Garden Gate.

Thank you so much for your business. We appreciate hearing from you and how you are doing. Have a wonderful second half of 2021! 

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