Lay Down The Red Carpet For The Royal Red Norway Maple Tree

Jeana Cadby
July 3, 2019

Powerful upright structure, regal red-bronze color, and attractive glossy foliage provides reason enough to lay down the red carpet for the ‘Royal Red’ Norway Maple Tree. The aptly named ‘Royal Red’ maintains a commanding presence throughout the seasons with beautiful colored leaves, magnificent height, and hearty tolerance to variable environmental conditions.

Striking a Regal Pose

Fluttering dark, glossy and crimson-red palmate leaves adorn the commanding Royal Red Maple. This deciduous broadleaf turns heads with a dense canopy of beautiful year-round color, and large form. The Royal Red Norway Maple tops out at 40 feet tall, with a 30-foot spread. A handsome tree with moderate growth and extreme hardiness, this maple strikes a regal pose.

The Royal Red is certainly a sight to behold, and performs well as a statement piece or when added to a mix, bringing a refined feel to any landscape. Dark foliage emerges in the spring, embellishing a symmetrical form, balanced atop a straight and regal trunk. Red to dark purple foliage looks polished in the full sun throughout the summer, which holds well throughout the rest of the year.

Yellow blooms are not ostentatious, but rather add refined highlights to emerging leaves in the spring. Leaves hint at orange in the autumn, providing a lovely seasonal display of color, in noble form, as red-orange leaves appear in the fall. Smooth, tan-colored bark draws the eye up this multi-stemmed maple, with a stoic upright growth habit unbothered by strong winds or dust.

The Noble Maple

The Royal Red Norway Maple thrives under full sun conditions, especially in zone 4 climates. Resistance to urban pollution and excellent disease resistance makes it is an obvious choice for any well-drained location with space to thrive. Deer resistance and tolerance to soil acidity allows for more versatility in planting environments as well.

Use the Royal Red Maple as wind and dust-break tree, or as a generous shade tree when relaxing with a book under its broad oval form. This heat tolerant maple offers the perfect summer shade, unyielding against intense sun or strong winds. Admire the classic lobed leaves, glossy in the sunlight, as the backdrop to nimble seed keys, which attract birds and other wildlife.

Slow to medium growth makes it easy to maintain, and disease resistance makes this tree an easy choice. Consistently dense foliage adds a natural touch, and keeps landscapes looking lush throughout the year. Resistance to frost cracking is also a nice trait for cooler climates.

Big and Bold

The Royal Red Norway Maple has moderate to high disease resistance against most maple diseases, and displays drought resistant once established. Beautiful dark foliage provides a wonderful aesthetic contrast to green landscape trees and among other maples.

The Royal Red Maple is a good fit for large gardens or parks, where it can show off its full wingspan. In the right urban environment, the Royal Red can be used as a stunning accent piece that will continue to shine, amid tolerance to urban pollution, dust, and windy conditions.

The Royal Red Norway Maple is extremely hardy, bearing a resemblance to the 'Crimson King', displaying darker leaf color and more robust disease resistance. For those who are in search for a large, regal maple tree with year round color and high adaptability, the Royal Red has it all.


The Royal Red Norway Maple Tree (Acer platanoides 'Royal Red') commands a regal presence, with dark summer foliage, beautiful fall color, and a broad, spreading form.

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