The Little Gem Norway Spruce is the Perfect Ball of Joy

Jeana Cadby
August 12, 2019

Petite structure, low maintenance, and unique shape are all reasons why the Little Gem Norway Spruce is the perfect ball of joy. Cold hardness and slow growth make it an excellent addition to landscape and rock gardens.

Small Size, Big Benefit

The Norway Spruce 'Little Gem' provides year-round interest with a delightfully round growth habit and petit build. A naturally spunky and hearty spruce maintains a pristine finish and slow growth. This pint-sized dwarf cultivar, topping out at 3 feet high and wide, forms a tight, round ball. Perched atop a slender trunk, it takes on a unique lollipop character.

New growth appears in bursts of light green, which turn an attractive, glossy dark green throughout the rest of the year. The delightful ball-on-stick form may appear painstakingly manicured, but actually forms naturally. This Norway Spruce is often grafted, and may also be found growing closer to the ground, like a small, rounded bush. Find this form dotting a rock garden landscape to add an enchanting mystical aesthetic.

This natural character lends itself well to using the little gem in a diversity of landscape settings. Small size and slow growth make for a great combination to squeeze into any space that needs a little extra joy. Use the Little Gem to add layers to the landscape, or sprinkle throughout a rock garden to add a glimmer of emerald.

Spruce Up the Space

This tightly packed spruce tree naturally maintains its unique shape, with little to no pruning necessary throughout growth. Easily maintain a polished, trimmed look, without the cost of high upkeep. The slow growing Little Gem also does well highlighting other plants, or as a unique specimen tree. Spend more time enjoying a pristine looking garden, while benefiting from the polished, well-maintained aesthetic.

In urban landscapes, the Little Gem Norway Spruce fares well on a small patio or mini-garden space. Create contrast and texture in a rock garden when used as a decorative, yet bold, inclusion of color. The wonderfully distinctive shape is further spruced up with the adorable bushy texture. Lush, baby bottlebrush branchlettes help fill in the gaps when the Little Gem Norway Spruce is used as a filler tree.

Little Gem Norway Spruce Trees at Garden Gate Nursery in Boring, Oregon.
Little Gem Norway Spruce Trees at Garden Gate Nursery in Boring, Oregon.

Short dark green needles provide interest throughout the winter and summer months, adding a natural base color the landscape. This tree also adds depth to any parcel and is easily adds charming flair when planted to mark a corner or edge. Imagine using this tree for its unique shape and interesting texture to line a walkway, or to border a welcoming entranceway.

Though As a Rock

Despite its small stature, the Little Gem Norway Spruce is actually quite hardy, especially in cooler areas. The bird-friendly spruce thrives throughout the cold winter months, tolerating temperatures as low as -40 to -30°. This cool comate tree does well in the full sun of Zone 3 regions. Consider planting in partial shade throughout hotter regions.

For best performance and long-term enjoyment, be sure to begin in rich, sandy soils. Dry conditions are tolerated once established. Feel free to mix and match the Little Gem among other evergreen trees to diversity the height, shape and color of the topography.

The Little Gem Norway Spruce tree is an exceptional, compact tree with a big heart. Share the joy of this unique spruce tree, and appreciate the low-maintenance requirements with a pristine finish. Luscious, deep green foliage provides texture and spunk, adding a bit of joy into any landscape.  


The Little Gem Norway Spruce (Picea abies 'Little Gem') is a low-maintenance and cold hardy specimen with unique shape. This petit tree fits perfectly into small or large spaces, is extremely low maintenance, providing year round interest. Where is the ideal spot to enjoy this dwarf spruce tree?

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