The Somerset Red Maple is a True Beauty

Jeana Cadby
October 1, 2019

NOTE: Garden Gate Nursery no longer grows the Somerset Red Maple. We recommend the Sun Valley or Redpointe as replacements.

Quick growing, with excellent structure and red fall color, the Somerset Red Maple is a true beauty. This glowing red maple tree has a strong, upright growth habit and uniform crown.

Natural Charm

Beautiful dark green summer foliage and long lasting bright red color from the Somerset Red Maple come autumn is always a treat. Enjoy a full and dense canopy, one of the best features of this red maple tree. A pleasingly uniform, symmetrical and upright growth with oval form at maturity appears graceful and poised. 

This medium sized red maple grows quickly, reaching a mature height of 40 feet and spread of 25 feet. The Somerset Red was introduced by the U.S. National Arboretum, and is a cross between the October Glory and Autumn Flame. As a result, this versatile maple tree has excellent and long-lasting bright red fall color, which can be enjoyed as far south as Georgia. This zone 4 tree can also survive in temperatures as low as -30 to -20° Fahrenheit. 

Delightful Verdure

Showy clusters of red flowers in early spring add attractive color to this seedless maple. Lush foliage, emerging red in the springtime, blossoms to a vibrant green via large lobed leaves. The canopy then bursts into an outstanding red in the fall. Long lasting deep red fall color is certainly a real treat. Furrowed silver bark also adds interesting dimension to the landscape. Plant the Somerset Red Maple tree to add an effervescent flush of natural botanical beauty to the skyline. 

The Somerset Red Maple makes for an exceptional ornamental landscape tree due to a dense and luscious canopy, which persists throughout the summer. This feature also makes the Somerset Red a wonderful shade tree, inviting opportunities to escape under the cool shade. This maple is sure to turn heads with its breathtaking crown and peaceful demeanor. The shapely oval canopy adds a wonderful balance then paired with other landscape trees. Better yet, plant the Somerset Red as an accent tree to fully enjoy this exceptional beauty queen. 

Glamor and Grace

Feel the breeze while relaxing under the shade of the Somerset Red Maple. With a 7-foot canopy clearance, this tree provides consistent shade throughout the summer when planted as an accent or shade tree. Tolerance to urban pollution allows plantings in residential areas, while delivering personality and panache throughout the year. Grow the Somerset Red in full sunlight for best results. 

The Somerset Red Maple tree is a relatively low maintenance tree, and adaptable to many different of soil conditions. This maple will really thrive in acidic soil and full sunlight. If needed, prune in the summer months after leaves have fully developed. Lower branches can be pruned to increase canopy clearance. Otherwise, enjoy the stunning presence of this low maintenance maple tree with wonderful autumn color. 


The Somerset Red Maple (Acer rubrum ‘Somerset’) is a stunning red maple with quick growth and an attractive canopy. Excellent structure and lasting fall color makes this maple tree a true beauty.

Find the Somerset Maple Tree in our catalog here.

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