Flowering Plum Trees That Are Sure To Delight

Jeana Cadby
February 19, 2020

Prunus trees are well known for their gorgeous flowers and foliage, excellent shape and growth habit, and an overall calming aesthetic. Some of the most delightful displays of seasonal flowers are found within the plum family. 

Graceful shoots are tasked with presenting beautiful clusters of fragrant flowers, unveiled in the spring, followed by fresh, bountiful foliage to appreciate through the seasons.

Cherry trees are also a member of the plum family, Prunus, and there certainly are some similarities when it comes to the delicately colorful flowers, uniquely gorgeous bark, and shapely upright form. 

Here are a few plum and cherry trees with gorgeous flowers that are sure to delight:

Thundercloud Plum

Thundercloud Plum Flowers
Thundercloud Plum Flowers

Outstanding foliage and fruit to attract wildlife, the Thundercloud Plum is a popular variety that delivers long lasting color throughout the year. Beautiful bronze fall color is demure yet flattering and dense. The canopy maintains a symmetrical and round shape, which has a mature aesthetic. This compact plum tree is adaptable to urban conditions, reaching a mature height of 20 ft with a 20 ft spread, thriving in zones 4-9. 

Spectacular displays of light pink, sweet-smelling blooms burst into action in the early spring, appearing before leaf break. This classic plum flower is made up of a halo of rosey-white petals around a deep fuschia center, speckled with adorable stamens, triumphantly bursting outwards. Enjoy wonderful year-round color and splendor with the Thundercloud Plum Tree

Krauter Vesuvius Plum

Diverse and breathtaking color can be found in the Krauter vesuvius Plum. The classic toothed edges are found on fresh plum leaves, which are a great addition of color to the landscape. This flowering plum tree is an exceptional multi-season accent tree, with fragrant white flowers blooming in the spring. Oval to round shaped with upright growth habit, this plum tree is reaching for the stars, adorned with dark purple-black foliage. This hardy plum tree is very tolerant to heat and drought, thriving in zones 4-9 and reaching a height of 20 ft with a spread of 15 ft.

Flowers are white with a deep purple center, and pop quite nicely against dark colored stems. Stamens spike straight upwards like a royal crown, softening the focal point for these seasonal beauties. The smaller, upright Krauter vesuvius Plum Tree is a wonderful way to add color and maturity to the landscape. 

Krauter Vesivius Plum Blossoms
Krauter Vesivius Plum Blossoms

Pink Flair Cherry

Showy clusters dreamy and delicate pink flowers are fragrant and chased by jaunty, fresh, oval shaped leaves in the spring. The compact size of the Pink Flair make this tree an east fit for any landscape. Excellent fall color comes in orange-red, floating above the ground with a manageable 4 ft canopy. Wonderful form and handsome bark, glinting under the bright sunshine, the Pink Flair Cherry is an enchanting delight. The Pink Flair Cherry Tree is quite suitable for urban landscapes, reaching a height of 25 ft and spread of 15 ft, and growing in zones 4-8. 

Spring flowers are absolutely exquisite, delicately pinned along wiry branches, threatening to release and cascade down like a wistful blanket of snow at any moment. White with slight pink undertones are highlighted nicely against the reddish-brown bark of this compact cherry tree. The Pink Flair always shows a wonderful display of spring flowers. 

Canada Red Chokecherry

The composed and sturdy Cana Red maintains a stoic pyramidal shape with a rounded head. Leaves emerge green, turning red-purple, glowing in the afternoon sun. Bright red fruits attract wildlife, bringing in additional excitement for onlookers. Fast growth will require pruning, and this handsome chokecherry flourishes in zones 2-8, reaching a maximum height of 25ft, with a spread of 20ft.

Canada Red Chokecherry Flowers
Canada Red Chokecherry Flowers

Flowers come in showy chains, fluffy and white, bursting outwards like a delightfully fragrant bottle brush. A garland of upright stamens are secured with a yellow base, skirted by small white petals. The Canada Red Cherry Tree is an absolutely vivacious specimen tree, ready to light up the landscape with bountiful flowers and freshly abundant foliage. 


Plum and cherry trees often evoke the excitement of spring, with seasons anew, promising  thriving opportunity. One of the best feelings is the discovery of flower buds, and the anticipation of wonderful and enchanting experiences to come. What is your favorite memory of spring?

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