The Urban Sunset Maple Tree is a Dream Come True

Jeana Cadby
October 16, 2019
Urban Sunsets at Garden Gate in the Fall
Urban Sunsets at Garden Gate Fall Time.

As seasons fold under the heavy cold, the Urban Sunset Maple tree stands stoic, and regal. Compact size, cold weather hardiness, and beautiful deep red fall color make the Urban Sunset Maple Tree a dream come true.

Dream Team

The Urban Sunset Maple tree is a compact and winter hardy tree, with all the attributes of a perfect street tree. This red maple maintains excellent structure throughout growth, is easy to grow, and yields beautiful fall color. Be sure to snap them up as soon as you see them, because the Urban Sunset is truly a wonderful specimen.

A strong central leader guides exceptional shape throughout development. Glossy dark green leaves adorn sturdy branches throughout the summer months, followed by a transition to brilliant deep red color in the fall. This compact deciduous tree is an excellent source of glowing red fall color. The Urban Sunset Maple tree provides fresh and glossy foliage with classically lobed leaves. Low seed production is also an excellent feature for roadside maintenance.

Urban Sunset Maple Trees at Garden Gate
Urban Sunset Maple Trees at Garden Gate Midsummer.

Handsome to Boot

Landscapers will appreciate easy transplant-ability, hardiness, and a naturally ideal street tree shape. Despite quick growth, this wonderful urban maple tops out at a height of 35 feet and spread of 20 feet. The moderate size of the Urban Sunset and tolerance to urban pollution make this tree an easy choice for roadside foliage. Handsome foliage rounds out the scenery, as this tree looks great as a solo specimen or mixed into the landscape.

Cold Weather Hardiness

Cold weather hardiness makes the Urban Sunset Maple the perfect maple for winter climates as well. This zone 4 tree can tolerate conditions as low as -20° to -30° Fahrenheit. Drought tolerance, once established, in combination with adaptability to a variety of soil types and conditions, makes it all the easier to maintain this maple tree. Strong roots may not be suitable for tight spaces integrated with sidewalks prone to heaving. Quick growth, even in colder climates, is a great advantage to landscapers looking to install a low maintenance, hardy red maple tree.

Effortless Beauty

Resistance to pests, heat and leaf tatter mean that gorgeous, shiny leaves maintain a polished finish and natural splendor. Minimal pruning requirements during early growth can help maintain a central leader, for ideal shape as the tree matures.

Glowing, long lasting color is vibrant against the grey backdrop of autumn. One of the most stunning features of the Urban Sunset Maple tree is the burgundy fall color. The unwavering stoicism and striking upright form emphasize an explosion of both bright and deep burgundy red.

Urban Sunset Burgundy Red Leaves in Autumn
Urban Sunset Burgundy Red Leaves in Autumn.


The Urban Sunset® maple (Acer truncatum × Acer platanoides 'JFS-KW-187') is a hardy red maple with quick growth and ideal street tree form. This cold tolerant maple tree is a landscapers dream come true, in addition to easy transplant-ability and tolerance to urban landscapes. Could there be a more impressive landscaping tree on the market?

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